Kenafloor is a mark by  Alma

Walking on a Clean world!

The world of consumption is starting to pay more attention to the environment and its protection when making consumer choices.
The world of enterprise has long recognized the importance of defining production processes and types of services that help preserve our planet. The presence of many products and services on the market that have little or no environmental impact gives evidence to this trend.
"Ecological Culture" is also starting to penetrate sectors of the world market that were previously thought "impermeable" to this kind of approach.
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While, the world fairs and exhibitions have always produced a lot of waste, its operators are voicing the need to employ product typologies based on their environmental impact.
ALMA recognizes the importance of recycled and used materials and has already developed a process to create a needlepunch carpet from the waste produced in the exhibition. But that's not all!
The company reinforces its dedication to a clean environment with Kenafloor, the ecological carpet.
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